90 Day Transformation

Our 90 Day Transformation program is specifically designed for you based on the results derived from your personal wellness assessment, featuring personalized coaching to ensure your success in achieving your optimal health goals.

You will be able to change behavioral patterns positively and participate in goal setting, lifestyle adjustments, interactive accountability and your results are measured on an on-going basis. You can experience a tremendous change for the better and create more balance in your life.

Our 90 Day Transformation strategy includes:

Days 1 – 30: Nutrition

  • Introduce 3 Day Detox Plan and implement
  • Review further assessment and diagnostic test results (if applicable)
  • Create a mix of macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, fats) based on goals
  • Design customized meal plan focusing on a.) quality, b.) frequency, c.) size
  • Emphasize the importance of what to drink and not drink
  • Set goals and accountability schedule
  • Introduce nutritional supplementation
  • Meet to take biometric measurements and make modifications

Days 31 – 60: Exercise/Activity

  • Introduction to theory of exercise, physiology and fat burning
  • Discuss exercise/activity options; a) at home, b) Health Club, c) DVD’s, d) outside activities
  • Create a customized exercise/activity plan featuring cardio and strength training and discuss how to track progress
  • Why core exercises are so important to establish
  • Discuss the handout “10 Reasons Your Fitness Plan Keeps Failing”
  • Establish expectations and set weekly accountability schedule
  • Introduce High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Introduce Belly-Fat Reduction and AB Workout
  • Meet to take biometric measurements and make necessary modifications

Days 61 – 90: Sleep and Stress Management: Cognitive Behavior

  • Introduce the importance and impact sleep and stress management have on weight management
  • Introduce “25 Ways To Sleep Better Tonight” and discuss
  • Introduce meditation and/or Yoga and Deep Breathing techniques
  • Introduce CORTISOL: The silent killer and how to control
  • Discuss the importance of “Finding Balance In Life” for stress relief
  • Introduce and implement Time Management Matrix
  • Establish and set weekly accountability schedule
  • Discuss “step out of the box” progress
  • Discuss “Having The End In Sight” concept, having purpose in life and writing a personal Mission Statement
  • Meet to take biometric measurements, Final Analysis and present the Blueprint for the Pursuit of Happiness platform

The 90 Day Transformation program is in essence a customized wellness plan that will be formulated with collaboration from medical doctors, specialists, and a certified representative of My 90 Health.

The Personalized Coaching includes:

  • Personal behavioral and outcome goal setting and strategy plan
  • Review basics of nutritional and exercise physiology
  • Discuss psychology to understand how change happens and new habits are formed
  • On-going coaching accessibility with  certified nutrition & fitness experts
  • Interactive daily accountability logs
  • Weekly  reviews
  • Monthly biometric measurements
  • Individual modifications to overcome personal obstacles and plateaus
  • A final analysis upon completion of the 90 day transformation and introduction to the
    Blueprint for the Pursuit of Happiness.


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