Alaina Sweetwood

Alaina SweetwoodI have a passion for fitness unlike many others because I have spent much time searching for ways to get out of pain. After hiring a biomechanic who taught me how to workout without hurting myself, I knew I had to share it with the world. It is possible to get a great body and not be injured.

Also having a child with a critical illness for 10 years, I studied, experimented and became an expert in nutrition and nutritional immunology so I could keep my little girl alive. I have developed an extensive knowledge on how to feed the body for lasting benefits.

I met John Ginos in 2011 and it was evident right away that we shared the same vision of the importance of attaining balance in life for sustained health and wellness. We connected in our passion to help others and I was pleased to join his team at My90Health as a fitness advisor. I am impressed with the emphasis that My90Health also puts on sleep and stress management as its importance is often overlooked in regards to weight management.