Corporate Wellness

The Facts:

  • Nearly 50% of Americans have at least 1 chronic health condition (HBP, Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease, Metabolic Syndrome).
  • Chronic Diseases cause 7 out of 10 deaths in the US and costs more than $1.5 trillion annually in direct medical costs.
  • The cost burden is profound for employers. More than 60% of Americans obtain health insurance coverage through an employer-based plan. In the last decade, employer healthcare costs have increased approximately 150%.
  • Unhealthy workers cost employers an average of $11,176 per active employee a year.
  • Indirect costs to employers with employees of poor health – e.g., lower productivity, higher rates of disability, higher rates of injury and more workers’ compensation claims – can be 2 to 3 times the cost of direct medical expenses.
  • Primary prevention of illness and disease is much less costly than treatment.
  • Research indicates that for every dollar invested by companies in health and wellness programs, there were savings ranging from $1.49 to $4.91 with the average ROI $3.27.
  • Cost savings can be seen in decreased use of health care benefits, lower insurance premiums, decreased rates of absenteeism, fewer accident and injuries and reduced employee turnover.


While every organization faces challenges of managing the health and performance of their employees in regards to containing healthcare costs, the effectiveness requires a customized solution. Our activity-based solutions promote high levels of participation, which deliver measurable results. By providing a range of options we can customize your program based on the collective needs of employer and employee.

We incorporate a comprehensive, three-pronged strategy:



 We offer a full medically supervised wellness assessment. We provide a software program that presents a reliable overview of key physiological, psychological measurements and body composition. This process will enable an analysis and evaluation to set forth a wellness baseline from which we can establish an individual, customized strategy to achieve optimal health. Through specialized equipment and affiliations we perform assessments as: 1) Personal Health and Wellness, 2) Biometric Screening,   3) Medical History and Current Condition (including current medications), 4) Toxicology tests, 5) DNA Pharmacogenectic testing, 6) DNA Genetic Profile, 7) Metabolic Syndrome test, 8) Food Sensitivity assessment, 9) Environmental Allergy testing and treatment, and 10) Sleep assessment and treatment.

Customized strategic program recommendations are an integral part of our health and wellness programming. The Assessment phase is critical in personalizing the plan.


After the assessments are completed, we formulate a personalized wellness Action Plan featuring: Our 90 Day Transformation Program: Nutritional counseling and meal planning, Exercise program, Sleep and Stress Management techniques and PERSONAL COACHING to attain a balanced lifestyle.


Features: Biometric measurements and program modifications, “Total Coaching” online program with interactive feedback, performance modules, and open communication. Detailed reports of progress.

The My 90 Health Corporate Wellness Program is in essence a customized wellness plan that will be formulated with collaboration from medical doctors, specialists and qualified, certified representatives. The goal is to improve employee production and lower total health care costs.