Exercise & Activity

Exercise has long been shown to provide many health benefits. Exercise does a lot more than just increase the calories we burn each day.

When done properly it is a means to increase resting metabolic rate, increase bone density, lean muscle mass and has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity.  Research has shown that people following a healthy nutrition plan plus exercising had significantly more long-term success with managing weight.

However, to gain those benefits, exercise must be done appropriately. Strength training must be done by learning proper technique, choosing appropriate exercises, challenging oneself  and periodizing a program. Varying intensity levels (and heart rate levels), especially for cardiovascular training provides a variety of health benefits as well.

We can guide you in selecting appropriate activities based on your assessments and personal goals. Our program includes:

  • Introduction to theory of exercise, physiology and fat burning
  • Discuss exercise/activity options; a) at home, b) Health Club, c) DVD’s, d) outside activities
  • Create a customized exercise/activity plan featuring cardio and strength training and discuss how to track progress
  • Why core exercises are so important to establish
  • Discuss the handout “10 Reasons Your Fitness Plan Keeps Failing”
  • Establish expectations and set weekly accountability schedule
  • Introduce High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Introduce Belly-Fat Reduction and AB Workout
  • Meet to take biometric measurements and make necessary modifications

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