Wellness Assessments

One of the most unique concepts that My 90 Health assesses is a thorough, comprehensive, individualized wellness baseline.

Aging starts from the inside out and it is essential to comprehend what is going on in regards to overall health from within the body systems and vital organs. The process begins with a medically supervised wellness assessment questionnaire that establishes a baseline which may trigger other more detailed assessments.

My 90 Health has equipment and affiliates to perform such assessments as:

After such appropriate assessments are completed (all offer quick results), we can then establish a personalized weight loss/wellness program featuring: Personal weight management program, individualized nutrition plan and meal preparation, customized fitness and exercise plan, sleep and stress management program, selective nutritional supplementation and individual professional coaching to achieve optimal health and balance in life. 

Our personalized assessments include the study of your:

  • Metabolic Health Factors
  • Eating behavior traits
  • Food reactions, sensitivities and intolerances
  • Personal nutritional needs
  • Body’s response to exercise
  • Individualized study of sleep patterns
  • Inhalant allergies (plant pollen, animal dander, dust, mold, etc…) testing and treatment
  • Stress and Resilience Factors including cortisol levels and adrenal function

The data from your assessment provides a reliable overview of key physiological, psychological measurements and your body composition. This will enable an analysis and an evaluation to set forth a baseline from which we can establish a customized strategy to achieve your optimal health.


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