Gary Greinke

As National Director, Corporate Wellness & Business Strategy at Thorne Research, Gary is responsible for helping clients improve the health and productivity of their population through strategic analysis and planning to design, develop and implement complementary wellness programs.  Gary’s been working in corporate health and wellness since 1998 with a proven record of success assisting clients with their wellness programs and benefit designs to activate, engage and sustain health behavior change to improve health, lower costs, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

He’s a results focused versatile leader and team player with expertise at managing client relationships through strategic planning, creative problem solving, leadership and project management.  He has extensive knowledge of the health care market including health plans, employers, labor, employee benefit consultants/brokers, pharmacies and the bio-pharmaceutical industry.  Thorne Research is committed to aligning IT, communications, research and medical education to develop strategic alliances, on-board new clients and drive the improvement of population health through wellness initiatives.

By incorporating the Thorne Research products and Wellness FX services into My90Health’s “Transformation Action Plan,” the joint venture creates an evolutionary, unique and dynamic platform in Corporate Wellness.