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My 90 Health Transformation Program:

Written Health Assessments

  • Medical History and Medical Condition
  • Comprehensive Health Assessment
  • Readiness For Change Questionnaire
  • Dietary Assessment
  • Sleep Assessment

1st Visit Assessments and Consultation

  • Biometric Data (weight, measurements, body fat, BMI, BMR)
  • Metabolic Syndrome Test (Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Blood Pressure, Glucose, Waist Circumference)
  • Discuss expectations and goals
  • Schedule additional assessments as needed
  • Articulate the My 90 Health philosophy of optimal health and weight management.
  • Present the 90 day transformation process conceptually, breaking down the four phases; I.) Individual Baseline Wellness II.) Nutrition III.) Exercise IV.) Sleep and Stress Management
  • Introduce ‘Total Coaching’ accountability process.
  • Personalize the program by reviewing the data from assessments taken to formulate a personal 90 Day Transformation Strategy
  • Discuss program costs, options, and timing

Days 1 – 30: Nutrition

  • Introduce 3 Day Detox Plan and implement
  • Review further assessment and diagnostic test results (if applicable)
  • Create a mix of macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, fats) based on goals
  • Design customized meal plan focusing on a.) quality, b.) frequency, c.) size
  • Emphasize the importance of what to drink and not drink
  • Set goals and accountability schedule
  • Introduce nutritional supplementation
  • Meet to take biometric measurements and make modifications

Days 31 – 60: Exercise/Activity

  • Introduction to theory of exercise, physiology and fat burning
  • Discuss exercise/activity options; a) at home, b) Health Club, c) DVD’s, d) outside activities
  • Create a customized exercise/activity plan featuring cardio and strength training and discuss how to track progress
  • Why core exercises are so important to establish
  • Discuss the handout “10 Reasons Your Fitness Plan Keeps Failing”
  • Establish expectations and set weekly accountability schedule
  • Introduce High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Introduce Belly-Fat Reduction and AB Workout
  • Meet to take biometric measurements and make necessary modifications

Days 61 – 90: Sleep and Stress Management: Cognitive Behavior

  • Introduce the importance and impact sleep and stress management have on weight management
  • Introduce “25 Ways To Sleep Better Tonight” and discuss
  • Introduce meditation and/or Yoga and Deep Breathing techniques
  • Introduce CORTISOL: The silent killer and how to control
  • Discuss the importance of “Finding Balance In Life” for stress relief
  • Introduce and implement Time Management Matrix
  • Establish and set weekly accountability schedule
  • Discuss “step out of the box” progress
  • Discuss “Having The End In Sight” concept, having purpose in life and writing a personal Mission Statement
  • Meet to take biometric measurements, Final Analysis and present the Blueprint for the Pursuit of Happiness platform



Prices                                                                                                                                                                                            Pay Now

90 Day Program with DNA Genetic Assessment (cash pay – $1,098 value)form_icon_questionmarkmore info $699
      with Food Sensitivity Testform_icon_questionmarkmore info $799

90 Day Program with DNA Genetic Assessment (billed through insurance)*form_icon_questionmarkmore info $599
      with Food Sensitivity Testform_icon_questionmarkmore info $699

DNA Genetic Assessment with Food Sensitivity Test (cash pay – $1,098 value)form_icon_questionmarkmore info $599

90 Day Program (cash pay)form_icon_questionmarkexplained above $499

DNA Genetic Assessment (cash pay – $599 Value)form_icon_questionmarkmore info $399

Food Sensitivity Test ($499 value)form_icon_questionmarkmore info $299

*Many of our assessments/programs can be billed through insurance which may eliminate/reduce
the financial responsibility for the client


  • Bio Metric Data Assessment
  • Overall Health Assessment
  • Readiness For Change Assessment
  • 3 Day Detox Plan
  • 30 Day Meal Plan
  • 60 tablet supply of Phentramin D, non-prescription appetite suppressant and metabolic stimulant
  • Introduction to theory of exercise physiology and fat burning with exercise program


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