John Ginos


John Ginos at 60 years old!

The process of developing My90Health actually began shortly after graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Business Management. I started my professional career as General Manager of an upscale health club. Having always been involved in athletics and training, it was a very informative and rewarding experience. After several years, that business was sold, and I helped start up two more health clubs. Being entrepreneurial by nature, I worked in the fields of tax debt negotiating, venture capital brokering and entered the field of health care as part of a team that opened 6 sleep labs in 4 different states. Learning how the complex world of insurance contracting, billing and coverage work.

In helping people overcome insomnia and sleep apnea, I came to the realization that “healthy people sleep better and better quality sleep is essential to optimal health.” I then took a position as an independent contractor with a company that incorporated diagnostic testing to establish a baseline of one’s current health status. I took a course to become certified in nutrition. Thus the premise for starting My90Health… The common denominator in all of my professional endeavors is the satisfaction and fulfillment I receive in helping people become better versions of themselves.

My due diligence in study and research helped me discover that sadly, nearly 75% of Americans are overweight and over 35% are clinically obese. Obesity is a chronic disease and closely related to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome and hypertension. Although there are many weight-loss programs available which can certainly help one lose weight, unfortunately studies show that 89% of those who lose weight, gain it back.

Related studies indicate that the most effective manner to lose weight, keep it off and reach optimal health is by changing lifestyle habits. It has been documented to effectively change a habit, it takes a sustained effort of approximately 90 days. Therefore, I started My90Health. I have aligned myself with a very competent, professional and skilled team of high integrity, with whom I have worked for several years. Together along with the highest of quality affiliates and products, we have designed a 90 Day Program which features  a personal, customized, interactive plan that implements the key components of wellness/weight management; Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Stress Management.

It is my “dream job” of implementing all of the things that I have studied and LIVED in order to help others experience the satisfaction, joy and happiness that I have of a well-balanced life with optimal health! It is my pleasure to embark on this journey of
a 90 Day Transformation to a Better You!!! I guarantee it will change your life.