Pursuit of Happiness

Focusing on improvement in all aspects of life, including intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual, we guide you on a never ending journey into the “Pursuit of Happiness.”

The My 90 Health Wellness/Weight Management Program is in essence a customized wellness plan that will be formulated in collaboration with medical doctors, specialists and certified representatives of My 90 Health. During the 90 Day Transformation Plan members will be able to interactively participate in goal setting and lifestyle adjustments while attaining positive, measured results on an ongoing basis. Studies concur that it takes approximately 90 days (12 weeks) to establish a habit or lifestyle change. Habits define your future. For weight/health to change permanently, lifestyle must change permanently.

Thomas Jefferson was inspired to write into the Declaration of Independence, the three great inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Notice that he didn’t declare happiness as a right but rather the “Pursuit” thereof, as a right. This suggests that happiness is not a destination but a journeyOur mission is to provide the Blueprint to such a pursuit and create the “New and Improved Normal” for our members! When the 90 day program is successfully completed, we offer an ongoing follow-up plan; The Blueprint for the Pursuit of Happiness.

During the first stage of our 90 Day Transformation program, we focus on the physical elements of creating balance in life. The last 30 days of the program introduces stress management as a critical component to overall wellness and its direct correlation to weight management. During this phase we address the fact that finding balance in one’s life (intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually) is the most effective way to manage stress. In his #1 bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey presented the framework for personal effectiveness. Our research has confirmed that this framework can become a crucial element in developing the blueprint for the Pursuit of Happiness. Thus, included in our portal of continuous education we examine and help our members implement these 7 Habits; 1) Be Proactive 2) Begin with the End in Mind 3) Put First Things First 4) Think Win/Win 5) Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood 6) Synergize 7) Renewal and Continued Improvement.

By focusing on improvement in all aspects of life, including intellectual capabilities, emotional relationships, physical/mental health and spiritual purpose, one can embark on a never ending journey into the pursuit of happiness, attaining satisfaction and fulfillment in a state of overall well-being.

Included in this Blueprint for the Pursuit of Happiness are substantial discounts from affiliated resources of products and services that offer additional aids for sustained lifestyle habits created during the 90 Day Transformation. The educational portal will also include various webinars, articles and recipes on the most updated research and developments in proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, motivation and overall healthy living. A periodic newsletter will be transmitted to our members with information on activities, health tips and testimonials. There will be opportunities to interact with My 90 Health representatives and medical professionals to ensure that the member remain on course and maintain their weight and health.


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