Follow-up Program

PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS Follow-up Program            Price : $10/month

Products                                                                                                          Benefit
Thorne Research Nutritional Supplements                                                     10% Discount
Fit Bit                                                                                                                       10% Discount
Beach Body DVDs                                                                                                 10% Discount
Sleep Products (supplements, pillows, mattresses, accessories)                10% Discount
In Home Fitness Equipment                                                                              10% Discount

Services                                                                                                            Benefit
Food Sensitivity Test*                                                                                          20% Discount
Adrenal Stress Profile*                                                                                         20% Discount
Metabolic Syndrome Test*                                                                                  20% Discount
DNA Genetic Profile*                                                                                           20% Discount
Blood Lipid Panels*                                                                                              10% Discount
Phentramin D (non-prescription alternative to Phentermine)                   25% Discount
Medical Weight Loss Program (HcG, B-12, Phentermine)                          25% Discount
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Insomnia                                                      25% Discount
TeleHealth Services                                                                                              50% Discount
*Possibly covered by insurance


Educational Webinars/Videos/Articles/Newsletter Covering

Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep and Stress

Detox Programs and Meal Planning

  • Basic Diet Plan
  • Mediterranean Meal Plan
  • Optimal Meal Plan
  • 1200 Calorie Meal Plan
  • Low Carb Meal Plan
  • Low Fat Meal Plan
  • Protein Rich Meal Plan while on exercise plan
  • Elimination Diet
Nutrition Articles:
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Sleep Articles: Deep Belly Breathing Technique
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Stress Articles: Foods That Relieve Stress
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