Practitioner Partnership

We present technology that specializes in coordinated point of care, data gathering and data aggregation. The platform offers solutions that support the practice with better preventative medicine in accordance with the Affordable Care Act. Applications allow data gathering and data aggregation seamlessly from our platform to a practice’s health records system that allows subjective and objective analysis for appropriate assessments and treatment plans. There is within the platform a significant revenue component for the practice.

Assessment Testing

Wellness Assessment

  • Annual Wellness Visit (insurance reimbursement)
  • Behavioral Mental Health Test (insurance reimbursement)
  • Neurocognitive Screening (insurance reimbursement)
  • Chronic Care Management (insurance reimbursement)
  • Identifies other Ancillary Tests based on Medical Necessity

Environmental Allergy

  • Physician paid 40% of insurance reimbursement (typically $500-$2000/patient)
  • Physician office staff member is trained to conduct non-invasive push test (15-30 minutes).
  • Physician office can bill for office visit and consultation as well as for each follow up visit (once a month).
  • Insurance authorization and billing performed by affiliate

My 90 Health Program*

  • Practitioner can participate in the Wellness/Weight Management program and procure new patients from My 90 Health marketing campaign
  • Practitioner office will attain an exclusive territorial right when participating in the My 90 Health Wellness/Weight Management program
  • Practitioner can offer and be compensated for the high quality Thorne Research nutritional foods and supplements
  • 90 day program requires monthly office visits by patients for which practitioner may bill insurance
  • Practitioner may examine patient and order medical weight loss prescription when appropriate through My 90 Health and be compensated (fee for service)


*Optional – Not mandatory to participate in the Assessment Platform.