Sleep & Stress Management

Scientific research proves that quality sleep and efficient stress management are critical components to effective weight management and overall wellness.

Sleep is just as important as your diet and exercise for overall health. The “missing link” for optimal health is often found in your deep sleep stages. Quality sleep can improve; weight loss, body strength, energy level, memory, productivity and the immune system.

Over 65% of people suffer from sleep problems. Deep sleep can be a learned behavior and My 90 Health can guide you on how to get the most out of your sleep.

Stress makes you burn fewer calories and cortisol (stress induced hormones) can actually reduce the body’s ability to release fat from its fat storage to use for energy. Instead, we become sugar burners and fat storers. Stress hormones cause increased body fat in the abdominal region. Chronic long-term exposure to stress hormones disrupts the body’s metabolism causing elevated blood sugar, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increased body fat levels due to increased appetite and can lead the body to ignore the function of insulin. When insulin fails to unlock our cells, the appetite is increased while the body’s ability to burn fat is decreased. This syndrome is part of rising rates of obesity and diabetes.

The My90Day Transformation Program will help you reverse the consequences of elevated stress hormones and aging through a scientific and practical approach to sleep and stress management that includes:

  • Sleep assessment as needed to detect sleep apnea or insomnia
  • Introduce the importance and impact sleep and stress management have on weight management
  • Introduce “25 Ways To Sleep Better Tonight” and discuss
  • Introduce meditation and/or Yoga and Deep Breathing techniques
  • Introduce CORTISOL: The silent killer and how to control
  • Discuss the importance of “Finding Balance In Life” for stress relief
  • Introduce and implement Time Management Matrix
  • Establish and set weekly accountability schedule
  • Discuss “step out of the box” progress
  • Discuss “Having The End In Sight” concept, having purpose in life and writing a personal Mission Statement
  • Meet to take biometric measurements, Final Analysis and present the Blueprint for the Pursuit of Happiness platform

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