50 yrs old and feeling better than ever… I have gone from 146 lbs to 128 lbs and 18% body fat in 3 months! I wasn’t as concerned so much with the weight loss numbers as I was with my body composition and energy levels. By staying true to the principles of proper nutrition, efficient exercise routines, and paying attention to my quality of sleep and stress management, I not only feel great about how I look but definitely have more energy, a clear mind, positive attitude and am very happy!

I highly recommend this program to others who want to improve their body composition and have a healthier lifestyle. – Angela age 50


RobynI have worked with John at My90Health for 6 months and the results have been fantastic! My weight has dropped from 160 lbs to 135 lbs, my waist size has gone from 33 ½ to 30 inches and my Hips from 40 to 36 inches… In addition, my resting heart rate went from 85 beats per minute to 70! I feel a lot more energetic, am able to enjoy life more enthusiastically and even my career has taken off!!! Needless to say, my husband has been thrilled with the changes in me as well.

Once we were able to “change my habits” in the first 90 days by focusing on my food intake , exercise with higher intensity but shorter time and making sure I get enough sleep, it has been a breeze to maintain my weight and manage my stress levels. I continue with nutritional supplements but now can even have “cheat days” and not suffer the negative consequences… I feel in CONTROL of my body and it feels Great!!! I recommend this program to anyone who is serious about transforming their body and lifestyle. – Robyn age 53



Over the past 9 months I have gone from 157 lbs and a “tight” size 10 (ugh) to 117 lbs and a size 0!!! I haven’t been this size since my college days! I can definitely say that learning to eat properly based on my body type and intolerances along with exercising in a much more efficient way, has contributed to my success in losing weight and maintaining higher levels of energy.

Working with John at My90Health has been a lot of fun and informative.

I have always felt that he genuinely cares about me and has always been very responsive to my needs and goals. I have recommended his program to friends and will continue to do so!
– Kristin age 45



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